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COVID-19 And Our Attitudes

We're all facing tough times right now, but how is your attitude holding out? Are you glorifying Him?

Believers in Captivity: What to do While in Self-Isolation

Many people are in self-isolation right now, feeling as if they are in captivity. Is there something different we should be doing as believers? Join in today to find out.

Christians and COVID-19

How should we as believers respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? This is a good question, and one we'll explore in this episode.

Love the Lord Your God

The Bible tells us to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and might. What exactly does this mean? Today we'll explore just that.

Sincere and Pure Devotion

Today's episode is short and serious. Do you have a sincere and pure devotion to Christ. If you are a believer, this is important, as Christ is your betrothed husband.

Are You At War With God?

Are you at war with God? In this session we are talking about a tough topic: are you living a life led by the flesh, or are you living a life led by the Spirit?

The Book of Ruth, Part 19: The Genealogy of Perez

As we wrap up the book of Ruth, you might think there isn't much to discuss, but even in the genealogy of Perez through Obed to David we can learn a few things.

The Book of Ruth, Part 18: The Birth of Obed

Today we reach the point we've all been waiting for: Ruth and Boaz marry! This isn't without some oddities though and a powerful blessing!

The Book of Ruth, Part 17: The Blessings of the Elders

Boaz has staked his claim on Naomi's land and has shared his intention to marry Ruth, now he solidifies this by obtaining the elders' consensus as witnesses and their ...

The Book of Ruth, Part 16: Ruth, Wife of Boaz

Boaz has obtained the right to redeem Naomi's property and to take Ruth as a wife, formally sealing the deal with an interesting sign and in front of the elders of the...

The Book of Ruth, Part 15: You Must Take Ruth

Boaz approached a closer relative about being a redeemer and he accepted, but he didn't know what all that entailed! Today we see Boaz tactfully handle this as he soli...

The Book of Ruth, Part 14: Will You Redeem The Land?

In this episode we see Boaz beginning to fulfill the commitment he made to Ruth, but before the exchange is over, he runs into a bit of a challenge.

The Book of Ruth, Part 13: The Waiting Game

Ruth's proposal to Boaz seemed promising, but in today's episode we find her back at Naomi's place with a heavy haul of barley, another gift from Boaz, as the waiting ...

Special Episode: The Birth of Jesus

Today I'm just taking a moment to share a reading of the story of Jesus' birth from Luke chapter 2.

The Book of Ruth, Part 12: Temptation and Honor

In this episode of Noble Bereans Ruth's big ask of Boaz is addressed head on as he commits to do all she asks with a caveat.

The Book of Ruth, Part 11: Will You Marry Me?

Ruth carries out Naomi's request and finds herself laying at the feet of a sleeping Boaz on the threshing floor. When he awakes, he's startled, but when he realizes wh...

The Book of Ruth, Part 10: Uncovering Boaz's Feet

In today's episode we get a bit of a jolt to the "love story" of Ruth and Boaz, and Naomi suggests something that might startle us. Ruth's actions might be viewed with...

The Book of Ruth, Part 9: Boaz exposed

While we were given some insight into Boaz's identity at the beginning of chapter 2, it is only now that Ruth finds out who he is, as Naomi exposes him.

The Book of Ruth, Part 8: Boaz’s Generosity Grows

Boaz continues to show incredible kindness to Ruth, even inviting her to join him and his servants for dinner, but that wasn't all - he gave her food in abundance.

The Book of Ruth, Part 7: Humbleness and Generosity

Ruth humbly wonders why Boaz is so kind to her, and he explains that he is aware of her actions toward Naomi and all she sacrificed to be with her. He then blesses and...

The Book of Ruth, Part 6: Boaz Arrives

In this episode of Noble Bereans, we get our first glimpse of Boaz in action as he begins to put Ruth under his covering of protection and provision, even before he re...

The Book of Ruth, Part 5: Boaz's Field

Ruth continues in the same respectful way as we've seen thus far, and she takes it upon herself to go into the fields to harvest some of the leftover Barley. This is w...

The Book of Ruth, Part 4: Call Me Bitter

In this episode we look at Naomi's and Ruth's arrival into Bethlehem, joy in the eyes of some, but bitterness in the eyes of Naomi, who even asks to be called by a dif...

The Book of Ruth, Part 3: Insistent Devotion

In this episode we explore a difference in Orpah and Ruth, learning a key point that may have inspired Ruth to accompany Naomi at all costs.

The Book of Ruth: The Levirate Marriage

In this episode we continue our study in the fascinating book of Ruth, learning a bit more of the back story and some of the motivation of why Orpah and Ruth might hav...

The Book of Ruth: Background and Introduction

The book of Ruth is a fascinating book of the Bible that contains many facets worth exploring. Over the next several weeks we’re going to do just that. Today we’ll spe...

Our God is Worthy, Part 2: Because He's the King of Kings

Christians don't often focus on why God is worthy. In this episode we'll begin to explore this topic to understand why we should praise His name.

Our God is Worthy, Part 1: Let Everything That Has Breath ...

Why do we exist? To succeed in life? To make a difference? To win souls? In today's episode we get to the very essence of our existence - why we are here.

Are Christians Better: Be Humble, Not Arrogant

The Bible makes it clear that arrogance is not Godlike, and humbleness is an attribute of those who follow God. In today's episode we go through some verses supporting...

Are Christians Better Than Everyone Else, Part 1: The Humbling Truth

Christians are often accused, rightly or wrongly, of acting as if they are better than everyone else, but is this true? Are they better than everyone else? We begin ex...

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